Michael Hulstrom

1 more year!

To wrap up our junior year my class had a community presentation. The purpose of the presentation was to report our health findings from 10 weeks of gathering primary qualitative data on smaller communities in Klamath County. The report was given to other stakeholders, as well as individuals in these communities. We had 6 speakers representing the 6 different outlying communities. After our presentation, the Director of the Department of Public Health and the CEO … Read More

Lights, camera, action

Entering week 8 of this term, my group has done 2 key informant interviews and gone on 2 outings to hand out surveys for our community health survey. Just getting the last of our survey’s back, we received 20 of the 95 that we handed out. It’s not a great return, but not bad for our first time doing anything like this. We are still analyzing our data and working on our presentation that will … Read More

Strike one

As our class moves into Spring term we have gotten a unique opportunity to involve ourselves in the community. Klamath County has received funds to do research to better understand what the largest health disparities in the county are. There are several stakeholders in this effort to better our community and it has been put on our class to go out to many of the smaller surrounding towns around Klamath Falls and collect data. This … Read More

Halfway point…

In the middle of this Winter Term my junior class hit the halfway point of our program. I think half of us were thinking, ‘Ah, we’re almost done.’ The other half of the class thought, ‘Ugh, we still have another year and a half.” And the other half (mathematics is super important in nursing) thought, ‘Perhaps I can convince the Oregon State Board of Nursing that I don’t need to take the NCLEX. Hey, yeah! … Read More

One Flew Over the Nursing Student’s Nest

One aspect of this winter term of our junior year is spent learning more about mental illness.  We have a few different modalities to help us think about what we already view mental illness to be; how other people in the community might view it; and what the medical community has to teach us about the area of study.  When it comes to learning new subjects about groups of people, it is always important to … Read More

Potluck, anyone?

Being down in Klamath Falls we get a different snapshot of Oregon.  Healthy Active Klamath states that, “64% of Klamath County residents are overweight.”  On top of that, this is a socioeconomically poorer region of Oregon.  This leaves many residents in great need of medical assistance with little means to receive the care they need.  Our hospital, Sky Lakes Medical Center, is a smaller hospital with fewer specialties than Portland, but still plenty of opportunities … Read More



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