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From Palau 2: Work and sashimi

This summer, Inger is working with the Health Policy and Research Department at the Ministry of Health on the island of Palau. She will blog about her experience here at OHSU StudentSpeak. Learn more about Palau here. EPISODE 2: Work and Sashimi Alii and greetings from Palau! Before I go any further, I need to assure my mother and colleagues that I am in fact working in Palau. See… This is where I work. I … Read More

Healthcare is pointy

Yesterday was either the day of the great unveiling or the beginning of the end, depending on your perspective. This morning, however, I face my greatest fear. “I’ll lay down, if you don’t mind.” She nodded, but I couldn’t help feeling a little ridiculous. “It’s just a TB test,” Nurse REDACTED consoled me, “you’ll be fi….” She stopped short, looking down at her chart. “Oh, no it’s not. You need a tetanus booster too. I’ll … Read More

From Palau 1: I arrive to Palau!

This summer, Inger is working with the Health Policy and Research Department at the Ministry of Health on the island of Paluu. She will blog about her experience here at OHSU StudentSpeak. Learn more about Palau here. EPISODE 1: I arrive to Palau! Alii and greetings from Palau! After a one-day delay (…rookie mistake: failed to confirm my flight and showed up to PDX to learn my 7:50am flight is now the 7:10am flight. Thanks … Read More

No scientist is an island

During the first year in the PMCB program we are introduced to the successes of hundreds of scientists through their research results.  We learn the details of the inner workings of the cell/organism as they were discovered by (sometimes) respected scientists in their day.  At the same time, we are learning how we will be able to use these or other new and exciting techniques to answer our own questions and become the (hopefully) respected … Read More

Comings and goings

Fifteen minutes of fame. Whether you admit it or not, we all yearn for Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of greatness, where we are the metaphoric kings of the world (please excuse the Titanic reference). Of course, let us not be literal, it does not have to be fifteen minutes. It can be the length of a seminar, poster presentation, or hit song. I never understood people who complain about hit songs. Recently, I saw Walk … Read More

Research Week wrap up

Last week saw OHSU’s first Research Week, a whole week dedicated to guest speakers, poster sessions, and presentations from all different fields here at OHSU.  A chance for all the researchers here on the hill to see what other work is being done, and an opportunity to highlight the importance of the research community as a whole.  Obviously as a PMCB grad student I think every week should be research week, since I can’t imagine … Read More

Every week is Research Week

Signing up for a presentation at OHSU Research Week was, for me, a no-brainer. Having spent time in two of the most presentation-heavy graduate programs here at OHSU (Biomedical Informatics & Behavioral Neuroscience), I have given approximately infinitely many research talks since I began my journey as an OHSU graduate student back in 2005. These days, public speaking in front of an audience comes slightly easier to me than speaking one-on-one (sadly, my girlfriend won’t … Read More

Natural indulgence

Color! Color! Color is all around! The blossoms are falling, the rhododendrons and camellias blooming, and the MacHall fountain providing riparian-esque entertainments.  All these happenings, in addition to the odd sun/rain/snow/hail phenomena periodically expressing itself, suggest that Spring is finally here and Summer just around the metaphorical corner. For me, these seasonal changes are energizing. Just as there is inherent catharsis when walking in the rain, so too exists inherent rejuvenation in the sensory overload … Read More

Coming Of Age

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which lab is fairest of them all? As I understand it, there are three events in the life of a Biology Graduate Student that sit as milestones on the scientific career roadway. First, entering a dissertation lab. Second, passing qualifying exams. Third, thesis defense. I am sure other, older and wiser students and mentors have their own opinions on where each fits on the importance scale.  To me, those are … Read More

March Madness

March is upon us! For the PMCB Firsties, recruitment weekends are over and the last three weeks of Winter Term face us like a charging rhinoceros. Soon, some of us will be choosing labs to call home for the next 4-5 years. Others will be finishing that all important third rotation.  Going through rotations is akin to immigration and exodus. The difference between the two depends on how your PI views your staying and going. … Read More



Ever wondered what life is like as a student at OHSU? What does it take to become a researcher? Just how gross is gross anatomy? Welcome to the blog that answers these – and many other – questions. It’s students writing first-hand about their commitment to careers in science and health care. It’s honest about the challenges as well as the joys. It’s not always pretty. But it is our story. Thank you for sharing it with us. And please, let us know what you think.

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