David Edwards

Academia vs. Industry: Double-post edition

During job interviews—at least in the tie-wearing, business-jargon-having corporate world—prospective employers generally ask something like: Where do you see yourself in five years? I base this observation on rumor, speculation, and reading Dilbert cartoons, well, because I’m a newly minted grad student. I have no experience with the corporate world. Besides, the career trajectory of a researcher, not unlike Calvinist doctrine, is subject to predestination: I know where I’ll be in five years. Most likely, … Read More

Why I chose PhD, Part Two

This is the long-awaited conclusion to Part One, the fascinating and hackneyed story of my decision to go to graduate school instead of medical school. I apologize for the monumental gap between posts. Graduate school is clearly more difficult and time-consuming than I expected, and studying is always more important than short-form navel-gazing. But I wanted to conclude my first post, if only to prevent this response from becoming my Chinese Democracy—eagerly awaited (*cough, cough*) … Read More

Why I chose PhD, Part One

I know that one of the most egregious writing clichés is opening with a quotation, but I’d like to start with a brief passage from Moby Dick. (I know it sounds pretentious and self-aggrandizing to start like this, but bear with me. And if quoting from the book brings back haunting memories of actually reading it, my apologies.) In the middle of the novel, Captain Ahab is lamenting that he cannot stop his obsession with … Read More



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