Sarah Dohman

Welcome to summer break!

I just submitted my last assignment for spring quarter.  This means I’m almost finished with nursing school year 2! It’s amazing to think back to fall quarter and reflect upon HOW much I’ve learned this school year.  I’ve tackled the ever-so-frightening IV insertion, researched countless hours, observed in my community the health needs of school children, and completed numerous other activities.  This year has been a true testament to my commitment to school, as there … Read More

Extracurricular opportunities

I can hardly believe Week 6 just ended of Spring Quarter.  Where has the time gone?  And how much more will I have to do before summer arrives?! This quarter has allotted the Junior nursing students a LOT of freedom.  I love independence; so naturally, this quarter is a good fit for me.  All of my extra time spent usually in the classroom has been replaced with community activities.  It has also warranted the opportunity … Read More

Nurses’ health study

This quarter, I am embracing Population-Based Nursing 410.  This term requires us nursing students to step out into the community and take a look around at health disparities and the like.  As I think about this course, and as I anticipate it greatly (especially because of  my prior community health education degree), I have to share a unique opportunity female nursing students and nurses have to participate in something greater than themselves.  The Nurses’ Health … Read More

Daily goals

Sometimes, I feel as if I’m on a teeter-totter.  Nursing school, and all of its glorious details, is on one side, and on the other side of the fulcrum, life. I often tell my friends and family, “if you don’t hear from me for the next 10 weeks, it’s because I’m on a school/homework hiatus”.  In the pursuit of following my dreams, I often fear that I miss out on life’s little niceties. One of … Read More

Know your resources!

This has been a HUGE aspect of my Chronic II class.  Throughout this quarter, my instructors reiterate the importance of being an advocate for our patients.  Part of advocacy involves knowing our resources in the community that we work in. During lecture, for instance, we discuss case studies of real life scenarios of chronically ill patients.  The majority of our questions on these lengthy assignments include: what are the available resources to this particular client … Read More



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