Greta Bloor

My heart melted

The first day of my pediatric rotation I was scared. I was scared of the little kids, the dry crusty snot under their noses, the crying, the getting peed on during infant well child exams, the trying to perform an otoscopic exam on a screaming child; all of it. I went home that first day realizing that kids aren’t just little adults. That night I memorized milestones from my Bright Futures pocket book, reviewed all … Read More

Don’t drop the baby

I can’t believe I am already almost done with my second rotation of my clinical year! It’s crazy! My R1 was at a community medicine clinic in Portland and now I am in my women’s health rotation in Astoria. I have already assisted with several cesarean deliveries and this week I inserted my first IUDs! It seems incredibly surreal. During my second week here, I was waiting with my preceptor for a patient to be … Read More

I never knew how much I enjoyed cleaning my apartment until I started PA school

We are FINALLY done with our academic year and will be starting our clinical rotations in only a couple weeks! In the meantime we are trying to incorporate ourselves back into society. I know it sounds a little over the top, but that is what it is like after spending a year in the OHSU PA program. Now that I am not required to sit in lecture for eight hours a day and then study … Read More

Conversations with My Granddad

My Granddad is a 93 year old retired internal medicine physician who lives on a farm in the Ozarks. The other day I gave him a call to catch up and see how things were going down in ole’ West Plains, Missouri. He is always very interested in how I am doing in school, especially now that I am in PA school. As much as I have tried to explain to him the role of … Read More


Yes, Glee Club. No, not the TV show, but still a glee club. About half way through this fall quarter of burying my head in anatomy, desperately trying to stay above water in clinical medicine, and veeery slowly reasoning my way through tutorial cases, I realized that I was in desperate need of some therapy. Any kind of therapy. I needed an outlet of some sort. Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, one of … Read More

Surviving Fall

Fall quarter is definitely proving to be a bit more hectic than summer quarter. We are taking Clinical Medicine, Clin Med Tutorials, Gross Anatomy with the medical and radiation therapy students, and to top it all off, we have started mentoring! It took me awhile, but I think I have finally found a rhythm for this quarter. Although I am crazy busy, I am beginning to realize that I actually am retaining what I am … Read More



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