Nursing School Here I Come!

I realize I’ve come into my blog writing experience half-way through my 5-term nursing program, so I’ll try to backdate a bit to take you through the whole journey.

After being accepted into OHSU’s School of Nursing, the excitement of making it in gradually turned into the overwhelming feeling of “what did I get myself into!” After all, I had been out of college for 12 years so how was I going to adjust to becoming a full-time student? My wife and I had always joked that there was no way we could have ever been married while I was in school (I had a seat in the library with my name on it back then); this joke became even more funny with the addition of 5 kids to our family – school – yeah right!! I guess we should never laugh about things we say we’d never do!

Nevertheless, after many accommodations, plans and sacrifices in our family’s crazy schedule of work days, appointments and outings we made it work, and there I was on the first day of school.  I was quite excited to find a class with people of varied backgrounds and ages from many different walks of life (several also with kids), and I immediately felt at home.  In addition to my classmates (who quickly become great friends), the faculty was warm and welcoming and most importantly ready to help us make our way through the program.  It seemed last fall that photos were all over social media of happy (or sad) little children holding signs up saying “first day of kindergarten,” well I guess I got my own sign – First Day of Nursing School!


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  1. Congratulations! I know it can be overwhelming at times (I went back to school after having kids too), but it is definitely worth it. Keep it up!

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