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Entering week 8 of this term, my group has done 2 key informant interviews and gone on 2 outings to hand out surveys for our community health survey. Just getting the last of our survey’s back, we received 20 of the 95 that we handed out. It’s not a great return, but not bad for our first time doing anything like this. We are still analyzing our data and working on our presentation that will be locally televised here in Klamath Falls.
Trying to involve ourselves in this community has proven difficult, but not impossible. The feedback that we have received has shown a wide variety of how people in this small community outside of Klamath Falls view their own community. Going off of what statistics were shown in the 2010 U.S. Census has only been marginally helpful, since statistics rarely show the full picture of a community. Our biggest hope from this survey was to get to hear what the individuals that live in this community view as the issues. So what happens next?

At our community presentation our class will present our findings of the data we’ve collected on surrounding communities of Klamath Falls to the other stake holders in this project, as well as any individuals from these communities that attend. From there our class is waiting to see what effect our findings will play in future efforts to better our county. It’s a little nerve racking. Many of the locals that our class have talked to have enjoyed our interests in their towns, but are also curious what is going to come out of this. At this point, all we can do is present our findings and then see what role we can help play when we come back for our senior year in our Leadership class. Until then, it’s time to put on our makeup and smile big for the flashing lights of the Klamath Falls local television stations. Not sure I’m quite ready for my close-up though…

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  1. Its nice to do good things for the community. The is a small number of people doing such things today since everybody has a pretty busy life.

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