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NIH unveils new new biosketch form

Early today, the National Institutes of Health announced it is revising, again, its biosketch form. Here’s a preview: Contributions to Science. Please fill in the blanks as indicated. I was the [adjective] investigator in the following studies. My [adverb] publications [adverb] [verb] in [noun]. However, because [adjective] [noun] did not [verb], I believe [noun] will become a [adjective] issue in the field. The [adjective] publications here found that [adjective] [plural noun] showed increased [noun] when … Read More

Present your Ph.D. research through interpretive dance

The “Dance your Ph.D.” contest challenges scientists around the world to explain their Ph.D. research without a PowerPoint or jargon–in fact, no talking at all. So if you’re tired of trying to explain what your Ph.D. research is about to friends and relatives, only to have their eyes glaze over, this contest may be for you! Winners of the 7th annual contest sponsored by Science, AAAS (publisher of Science), and HighWire Press, were announced November … Read More

NIH Common Fund Video Competition winners announced

Did you know that the NIH Common Fund was holding a video competition to commemorate its 10-year anniversary? Neither did we, but after seeing this Common Fund rap, we will definitely be going with the Common Fund.

Kulesz-Martin Lab members show their holiday spirit

It must be December! Snow is falling on Marquam Hill and the Kulesz-Martin Lab in Baird Hall is all decked out for the holidays. Toni West, a research volunteer, and Aletha Lesch, lab manager and research assistant, used old pipette racks, pipette tips, eppendorf tubes, PCR tubes and packing materials to create this one-of-a-kind Christmas tree. Does your lab have any fun holiday traditions? Send us photos if you have them!

The Mayan Apocalypse and Your Research

Our friends in Canada explain how the impending apocalypse — also known as the Mayan Doomsday, or MaD — will affect your ability to recruit participants, as well as what happens to survival curves. They also weigh in on the possibility of zombie repopulation.  MaD is bad.

Paths to the Nobel Prize

Earlier this week, we posted a study on the coffee-drinking habits of scientists. Moderate coffee consumption has been linked to reduced incidence of Parkinsons and type 2 diabetes. Now comes new evidence in favor of small indulgences: chocolate consumption is associated with improved cognitive function, and countries with the highest chocolate consumption also produce the most Nobel Laureates. It says so, right there in the New England Journal of Medicine. If chocolate isn’t your thing, … Read More

Scientists drink more coffee than people in any other profession

We knew there was a reason that the Synapse is popular and the Mac Hall Cafe espresso line is so long. Here’s the explanation. Writers and editors are up there too.  

Wondering what it was all for?

Why did you get that PhD in science? Adam Ruben explains.    

Systems physics and the Slinky

              Have a good weekend. And you’re welcome.

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