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  1. Hi @Mark. Here is a response to your question from OHSU Transportation and Parking.

    The process for student permits will remain the same. No monthly/annual permits will be offered to students; anyone with an emergent need will need to go through the approval process, which can be found here:

    Students may purchase hourly parking. Rates are:
    Schnitzer Parking lot:
    • Daily Parking rates: $3.00 for the 1st hour, $2.00 each additional hour, $10.00 Daily Maximum
    • Digital Parking Meters available throughout lot to purchase parking
    • Parking permit needed Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays
    • Schnitzer lot will remain open 24/7

    CLSB parking garage:
    • $4.00 per hour, $22.00 per day maximum
    • This is a gate lot. Parking rates will be charged 24/7 (there is no free parking)
    • Payment will be due upon exit – credit or debit card will be needed for payment from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. (No cashier on duty)

  2. There is no information on parking lots and parking rates in this document. Our incoming students and continuing students have questions that we are unable to address. There is also a lot of misinformation out there. Administrators have heard one thing, student groups have hear another. One definitive place for comprehensive information needs to be developed. This brochure is a good start but still does not get the information out there that is needed.

    For example:
    - Parking in CLSB – $4 per hour, or $26-8 per day
    - Parking at Schnitzer lot – $10 per day free nights and weekends (no application/approval needed?)
    - Stundet Permitted Parking – Dotter lot spaces extremely limited w/ approved application and renewed every 90 days.

  3. @Mo: Just got word from OHSU Transportation and Parking that postdocs will have access to the Schnitzer Lot, which is 3-Diamond. For more information, please contact Christine Giatti at

  4. About “Faculty and staff will have access to the second level of the CLSB parking structure”, I want to ask if postdocs belong to the staff group? Thank you.

  5. Good catch, @Brian. I just fixed the link.

  6. The link “South Waterfront shuttle” is broken. It seems to be a relative rather than absolute link.

  7. Thanks, @Carrie! We’ve passed along your feedback and they are working to update the brochure.

  8. Not sure who to contact, but there is a typo in the brochure. On the back under “Collaborative Life Sciences Building”, it should read “OHSU’s newest destination”, as opposed to “neweset destination”. Here’s hoping the brochure hasn’t been printed yet!

  9. Here is a video of Andrew’s talk:

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Right now, they are not giving any tours because they are finalizing the building, but there will be an open house in the afternoon on June 26. We’ll be providing more information on that soon!

  12. Will we be able to tour the CLSB?

  13. As a non-scientist, this is perhaps my favorite event of Research Week. I’m sorry not to have seen the PSU event!

    Nice job of winning the top spot for our state and representing OHSU so well, Andrew! Also, that is some really cool work you’re doing!

  14. Research Science ROCKS !!!
    Show us how cool your research is !
    Be a part of it.

  15. Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone involved for a successful OHSU Research Week!

  16. Congratulations, Joel! Way to go!

  17. You did it! I am inspired my old friend.

  18. This was such a fun and informative event last year! I’m looking forward to attending again. Thanks for putting this together!

  19. @Teresa Sending you an email!

  20. @Teresa Sending you an email!

  21. @Teresa Sending you an email!

  22. Hi! Is there a postable flyer for this event?

  23. Hi! Is there a postable flyer for this event?

  24. Hi! Is there a postable flyer for this talk?

  25. Dr. Haigwood is visionary and deserves the recognition.

  26. Congratulations Andy!

  27. Congratulations Andy! I’m sure the future is looking bright for WACD!

  28. They elected a great guy for the post, Andy! Congratulations!

  29. Congratulations, Judith, for this well-deserved award! Your work continues to improve the lives of patients and their families across intensive care units.
    And, YOU ROCK

  30. Congratulations Andy…a job well deserved!

  31. Congratulations Garet!!

  32. @Kathy – Yes, there was a typo in the original post. The brown bag is taking place March 27. Thanks for checking!

  33. The IRB Education website lists the date of this event as March 27. Which date is correct? Thank you.

  34. Impressive! Congrats!

  35. Congratulations Garet!!!

  36. bf smoody: That’s before my time here, but could very well be. This upcoming crane lift is to replace large cooling equipment located in the basement rather than on top. It’s original and even appears to predate the building, having been moved in from another site.

  37. remind me, wasn’t the cooling equipment on top of RJH also replaced in December 2004? I recall a courtyard closure at that time…

  38. Will this technology be able to be applied to supposed “healthy” cells that may be prone to cancer? It seems like this might be an excellent way to track and study cause and progression of certain cancer cells.

  39. i hope this will help treat Parkinson’s disease

  40. My dad has Parkinson’s disease. Love to hear that the place I work will someday hold a superior treatment or cure

  41. I want to congratulate Bobby on this very prestigious award. Bobby has been the heart and soul of OHSU’s more prominent public education efforts, Brain Awareness Week. This is a recognition from a society of over 60,000 neuroscientists world-wide that Bobby has been an excellent role model for making our brain science accessible to the public. Job well done!

  42. Thank you!

  43. Hi Raegan,
    We aren’t planning to stream this particular seminar, but we do have a recording of a similar presentation from 2012 available here.

  44. Any chance this workshop will be available via teleconference for staff who work off campus/long distance?

  45. Congratulations Bobby!!!

  46. If you haven’t seen Kevin Carroll speak. Don’t miss the opportunity. He tells a very compelling story. Kudos to OHSU and the Foundation for bringing him to campus.

  47. Was this videotaped? Is there a link to talks like this?

  48. They are making one. I’ll email it to you when I have it.

  49. Is there a flyer available that we can post?

  50. What a wonderful story. Congrats, Dr. Cambronne!

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