New RATE online learning: Brief, convenient, informative

Classroom training is still available but now there’s a more convenient way to launch into learning about select research administration topics from Research Administration Training and Education.

These modules enable new supervisors, investigators, researchers and research administrators to learn about the core components of each topic anytime with their OHSU network credentials. Those with more direct job responsibilities can follow links to further learning at the close of each module.

Effort Concepts

  • Understand the importance of tracking effort and labor distribution
  • Discern the difference between effort reporting and effort certification
  • Identify resources that support effort compliance

To launch Effort Concepts, login to Compass.

OGA Overview ModuleOracle Grants Accounting (OGA) Overview

  • Understand how OGA serves departments’ needs
  • Prepare to request user access
  • Locate guidance to find award information and attachments, run reports, and check encumbrances

To launch OGA Overview, login to Compass.

InfoEd Overview (coming soon!)

  • Understand how InfoEd serves departments’ needs
  • Prepare to request user access
  • Locate guidance and training for InfoEd

RATE expects to complete development of this module in January 2018. Meanwhile, hands-on classroom training for InfoEd is open to enrollment via Compass.

Learners may complete any of these brief modules through Compass and then revisit them anytime to review ideas, guidance, and useful links.

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Margaret manages OHSU's RATE Program which coordinates the RAIN monthly forum, offers training and education on research administration topics, maintains a research learning portal on the RATE O2 site, and administers the RATE Community site on Bridge.

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