Got big data? Meet Research Data Storage

Research-Data-Storage-flyer-final (002)A flexible research storage platform created specifically to meet the diverse needs of the research community is now available through the OHSU Information Technology Group and the Advanced Computing Center.

Research Data Storage provides long-term, large-scale, secure storage housed at two physical locations that provide optimal data replication and redundancy. The platform is easy-to-access, robust and flexible.

The cost is $70 per terabyte per year and $140 per terabyte per year for replicated storage. There is a 10 terabyte minimum.

Research Data Storage is hosted on an Isilon storage appliance platform that provides data protection through hardware redundancy. The platform can be configured for geographic site replication of storage between both OHSU data center locations in the Portland area. In addition, storage shares can be configured with local file system snapshots to protect against data loss due to user error. This storage can be accessed from the Exacloud Research Computing Cluster and mounted securely from individual workstations.

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  1. Thank you, ACC, for all your hard work on all of OHSU’s odd jobs. :-)

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