Students and postdocs: We want your ugly data!

Do you have an unfortunate set of data? An image of an experiment gone terribly wrong? Perhaps a rather hideous figure? Turn in your ugly data for a chance to win a prize at Research Week!

On Monday, May 2, day one of Research Week 2016, attendees will vote for the ugliest data during the poster session. You no doubt have some repulsive data in your notebooks or on your computer, and every field is bound to specialize in its own unique style of ugly. So submit your data, and let’s have a laugh at our own mistakes.

Here’s an example from Christie Pizzimenti, a graduate student in Behavioral Neuroscience:

When running a western goes terribly wrong and turns into a rendition of ‘Starry Night'

When running a western goes terribly wrong and turns into a rendition of ‘Starry Night’

To submit, put your data onto a single PowerPoint slide, add a caption explaining what’s so ugly about it, and send to Scott Jones by Friday, Apr. 22. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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