eIRB down time: Data migration

eIRB data migration will take place in two weeks!

The eIRB data migration is upon us! All non-pending studies from the old eIRB system will be transferring to the new eIRB (over 2,000 studies!). This means that both systems will be down and unavailable* for up to four business days. This is planned to start on Friday, Nov. 6.

About three-fourths of the studies will be moving over to the new system during this down time. The rest will be moving on a nightly basis once they have been submitted and approved.

Nightly migration: After the large data migration, all studies that are currently in a pending state will migrate once they have been submitted and approved.

This includes:

  • Mods
  • Continuing reviews
  • UPs
  • PDs

To help prepare for the move, withdraw any old items (studies, modifications, continuing reviews, reportable events) that you don’t intend on submitting/resubmitting within the next six months. These items will not be migrated to the new system. Withdrawn items, however, can still be accessed in the archive.

In the case of a needed emergency review, please contact your IRB analyst at 503 494-7887, option 1, or at irb@ohsu.edu.

Trainings in the new system are available by registration in Compass. If you cannot attend one of the prescheduled trainings, please reach out to Dave Holmgren, IRB manager, to schedule a one-on-one training for yourself or your department.

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