NIH’s Michael Lauer launches Open Mike blog

Michael Lauer, M.D.

Michael Lauer, M.D.

The NIH’s new Deputy Director for Extramural Research, Michael Lauer, is carrying on the blogging tradition set by his predecessor, Sally Rockey. In his first post on Oct. 19, Lauer wrote that he plans to use the Open Mike blog to “connect you with the NIH perspective and, even more importantly, to help connect us to yours.” If this first post is any indication, Lauer appears to be committed to the transparency that began with Rockey’s blog, “Rock Talk,” by addressing issues such as accountability and the development of a learning culture at NIH.

“Accountability means deep and sometimes painful conversations about valid metrics, about stories that underlie metrics, about the economics of science, about evidence-based considerations of what kinds of partnerships and strategies are most likely to “turn the curve” – really about applying the scientific method to ourselves at NIH,” wrote Lauer. “And it means that we have to be willing to talk, even in public, about our shortcomings and our ignorance.”

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