eCRIS gets easier and faster with Gridless update, Jan. 26

For clinical research study staff, eCRIS is about to get a boost with the release of the gridless view for the Visit Schedule module. This release is set for Monday, Jan. 26, 2015, and all studies will be converted to the new gridless Visit Schedule data entry model. Gridless is the conversion in the Visit Schedule, and partly in the Budget module, from a grid view to a gridless view and will make building and modifying Visit Schedules easier and faster.

Contact Kristin Stiller to schedule a training session. In addition, an electronic module for training on the gridless view and updated eCRIS manual sections will be available later this month. Trainings are not mandatory but offer a good introduction and overview of the new functionality.

Did you know there is more eCRIS support on O2? Explore the eCRIS O2 site to:

  • Keep informed with downtime and update announcements
  • Get answers with manuals, guides and FAQs
  • Easy help for access and trainings
  • Find current issues and workaround reports
  • Locate eCRIS support contact links
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