What to do when a student or PI leaves an IRB protocol

If you perform clinical research and have a student on your Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol, here are some things for you to keep in mind as summer approaches:

  • If a student has been serving a major role on the project, plan for who is going to complete any analyses and assume administrative or regulatory duties (e.g. the next Continuing Review).
  • Update personnel as appropriate – remove students if they are no longer going to be involved with the project and update contact information if needed.
  • Terminate the protocol promptly if you can (e.g. if all data analyses are complete).

The same issues apply when a faculty investigator leaves, especially when that faculty member has been serving as principal investigator:

  • If the faculty member is a principal investigator, determine if the research will continue to be conducted here at OHSU. If so, it is likely that a new PI will need to be named.
  • In some circumstances, the faculty member may be able to remain as PI. These include situations where the faculty member retains an appointment at OHSU and has written support of the department chair or institute director. See the OHSU PI Eligibility Policy for more information.

If you have questions, call the IRB help desk at 503 494-7887, option 1.

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Kim is the Education Administrative Coordinator for the Integrity Department.

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