So, do you want to be in the movies?

OHSU is creating a short research video to elevate awareness of OHSU’s research strengths and to help differentiate our work from other universities.

The video will be smart and fun, and upon completion, will be available to OHSU faculty and others to help tell our overall research story. The goal is to provide our community with a dynamic tool to describe research at OHSU.

The creative team needs your help. The shoot is June 10-13. What’s going in your lab or as part of your research that week that might be fun and “visual” to shoot? 


  • Interesting experimental setups/actions in your lab or equipment – big or small – the only criteria is it shares your work in a visually compelling way
  • A group activity – a celebration of a publication, an accomplishment, a new lab member, a research milestone, lab bike ride, volleyball competition, and so on.
  • Talking heads/lectures – no – unless they take place in a visually compelling environment, such as at an OMSI science pub, trivia night out on the town, or outside under a blooming cherry tree (you get the idea…)

Please don’t be limited by these examples; they are just to get ideas flowing. We appreciate every idea you send. We probably won’t be able to use everything we hear about but the more choices the better.

To share your idea(s), please email Rachel Shafer, and you’ll be contacted by a member of the creative team.

This project is led by the OHSU Research Communications Leadership Council, a group comprised of key communicators from OHSU Strategic Communications/Media Relations, Healthcare Marketing, Office of the Vice President for Research, Provost, School of Medicine Office of the Dean and School of Medicine Research Roadmap.

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  1. Research Science ROCKS !!!
    Show us how cool your research is !
    Be a part of it.

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