National Institute on Aging launches new blog on research and funding

The National Institute on Aging has a new blog for scientists and those considering a career in research. New topics are discussed each week: funding, fellowships, training opportunities, grantsmanship tips, research priorities, and other issues of interest.

Take a look at some recent posts:

  • When you apply for certain NIH funding, your application gets a priority score. But how do you know if your priority score is good enough to get funded? Robin Barr, director of the National Institute on Aging Division of Extramural Activities, explains how priority scores work for fellowships and career development awards for early career researchers. Read the full post: Does my priority score mean I will get funded?
  • This year’s sequester budget cut provided a real dilemma: fund fewer new awards or cut the funding of researchers with existing awards. Chyren Hunter of the National Institute on Aging’s Division of Extramural Activities explains the difficult decisions regarding fellowships and career development awards in the post, Career development awards and fellowships: of paylines and priorities.
  • How do we work together to make better Alzheimer’s drugs? Program Director Suzana Petanceska writes about a recent effort with leaders in Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery and translational science in Enabling partnerships for Alzheimer’s disease drug development.

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