Faculty Senate Award nominations due March 22

The Faculty Senate Awards recognize OHSU faculty members for their exceptional effort in support of OHSU’s mission. Awards are made for contributions within the last ten years in one of five categories: research, leadership, teaching, service and collaboration. Up to four nominees will be chosen from each category and each finalist will receive $500. The award winner from the category will receive $3,500 and will have his or her name engraved on the Faculty Senate Awards Memorial Plaque. Award categories rotate every year so that each unit is nominating individuals in a new award category. The final deadline to receive all nominations and materials is Friday, March 22, 2013 at 5 p.m.

This year’s unit/category designations are:

• School of Dentistry: Research
• School of Medicine: Teaching
• School of Nursing: Service
• College of Pharmacy: Collaboration
• Affiliated Units and Institutes: Leadership

Nominees must be current OHSU faculty. Emeritus faculty members are not eligible.  Faculty members must also be from the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy or in affiliated units and institutes such as BICC, CDRC, CROET, ONPRC and Vollum.

To make a nomination, go to the Faculty Senate website and click on the Faculty Awards Nomination Form button to fill out your nomination form. Type your nomination letter into the form provided or upload a separate document. Please note: you can only submit one nomination per faculty member.  If you would like to nominate multiple faculty members you will need to fill out more than one nomination form. Also if you are having problems accessing the form from your computer, please refer to the SharePoint Access Instructions to help troubleshoot any issues.

For questions and technical concerns, please email senate@ohsu.edu.

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