NIH updates post-submission application materials policy

This week, the NIH issued a notice updating their policy on post-submission application materials (i.e. materials submitted after the deadline but before peer review). The updates are meant to address questions that have come up since the policy was implemented in 2010. To summarize, changes include:

  • News of promotion for a PI or key personnel will be accepted as post-submission application material up to one month prior to the peer review meeting.
  • Exceptions provided for RFAs with a single deadline will now also apply to applications submitted for the last due date of an RFA. This includes an updated specific aims page, late-breaking research findings, and new letters of support or collaboration. Refer to the original policy for more information.
  • The notice defines “appointments and achievements” for institutional training grants as: (1) News of a trainee’s or former trainee’s graduation, employment, promotion, funding, publication or other professional achievement since the training grant was submitted; (2) News of a faculty member’s promotion, funding, publication, or other professional achievement since the training grant was submitted; or (3) News of an additional faculty member who will be involved in the training activity.

View the full NIH notice for details.

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