SciFinder Demonstration

Come join us on November 21st, at 2 PM in BRB 381 for a seminar and hands on demonstration of SciFinder.  SciFinder provides researchers with unlimited access to the world’s largest and most reliable collection of chemistry and related science information.

This seminar will focus on demonstrating new features and content that has been added to SciFinder in the last year:

  • experimental procedures from select journals and patents
  • grouping/analysis options for reaction answer sets
  • pricing & availability information for chemical vendors
  • bioactivity & target indicators for substances

We will also review the following topics:

  • query building and analyze/refine tools for structure/reaction searching
  • Markush substance searching
  • SciPlanner for synthetic route planning

Time will be left at the end for a Q&A session.

The seminar is being conducted by Kaushik Patel.  Dr. Patel holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and a M.Sc. from UCLA. His graduate work was in the field of supramolecular chemistry as it pertains to materials and drug delivery. Before starting at CAS, he worked at Sigma Aldrich Materials Science as a Global Product Manager covering Organic and Printed Electronic Materials, Nanomaterials and Polymer Science.

New Library Books with OHSU Authors, October 2013

Acing the IBD questions on the GI board exam : the ultimate crunch-time resource / Brennan Spiegel, Hetal A. Karsan ; contributing editors, Gil Y. Melmed, Nir Modiano.

Contributing editor Nir Modiano affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Fetal and neonatal secrets / [edited by] Richard A. Polin, Alan R. Spitzer.

Contributors Michael F. Chiang and Daniel A. Greninger affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Infections of the gastrointestinal system / editor, Chetana Vaishnavi.

Contributor Ajay Wanchu affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Oesophagogastric surgery / edited by S. Michael Griffin; assistant editors, Simon A. Raimes, Jon Shenfine.

Contributors Nathan W. Bronson and John G. Hunter affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Primer on the metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism.

Contributors Eric S. Orwoll, Lynn Y. Sakai and Gerhard Sengle affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Vascular and interventional radiology : the requisites / John A. Kaufman, Michael J. Lee.

Author John A. Kaufman and contributor Gary M. Nesbit affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

WHO classification of tumours of soft tissue and bone / edited by Christopher D.M. Fletcher … [et al.].

Contributor Christopher L. Corless affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

VDI Pilot Project Survey-Your Feedback is Needed!

The OHSU Library is piloting a thin client solution from ITG which we hope may someday replace our floor computers available for use by OHSU staff/students and faculty. These terminals all run a modified version of the OHSU Windows 7 build. After 15 minutes of inactivity the terminals reboot into a fresh state so it is important for patrons to remember to save their work before the terminal recycles to avoid losing anything important. The terminals are located at stations 328-331.

We need your help. Please log in to one of these 4 terminals whenever you have few minutes to see how it works. Then please take a moment to tell us about your experience by filling out this survey any time between now and 5pm on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013.

The survey is online at

We appreciate your help in reviewing this new product.


OHSU Library Collections on the Move

The Science & Engineering and Storage collections, currently housed at West Campus, are being moved to the Old Library on the Main campus. Moving our collections to the Main campus will result in faster delivery for requested items. The move will begin in stages on October 18th and is expected to be completed in early December.

During this period, items from these collections may be temporarily unavailable for requesting and the catalog will display the item’s status as “Being Moved.” Please contact OHSU Library staff for assistance in obtaining any material you need that is being moved and we will be glad to help you.

Ontology Development Group Awarded Funding from Undiagnosed Disease Program

Melissa Haendel, in the Ontology Development Group in the OHSU Library was awarded a one year contract in the amount of $200,000 from the NIH Undiagnosed Disease Program (UDP) to support collaboration between the UDP and the Monarch Initiative.

The goal of this effort is to leverage phenotype information obtained from model organisms such as mice, zebrafish, fruit flies, and worms, to help identify potential genes that are implicated in human undiagnosed diseases. The project will make available the most phenotypically similar models and their related genes directly to the clinical application used by the UDP, Phenotips.

Enhancement of this clinical application with basic science knowledge will help prioritize candidate gene variants of the patients participating in the UDP identified from genome and whole exome sequencing.

The Monarch Initiative is a collaboration with researchers at OHSU, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of California San Diego, and the University of Pittsburgh.

For more information, contact Melissa Haendel:

Orbis Cascade Alliance Celebrates 20th Anniversary

EUGENE, Oregon, October 10, 2013 — The Orbis Cascade Alliance is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a consortium serving colleges and universities in the Northwest U.S.  Twenty years ago, academic libraries in Oregon and Washington independently created two state-based consortia named Orbis and Cascade.  Over the course of the last twenty years, these two consortia merged and the resulting Alliance launched new programs and grew from 11 to 37 member colleges and universities across a three-state region.  The consortium is now a nonprofit corporation with an international reputation for its visionary and cohesive membership and broad array of innovative services.  The Orbis Cascade Alliance serves the equivalent of more than 260,000 full-time students across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and, through its non-member services, the consortium works with 280 libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in seven western states.

To commemorate its 20th anniversary the Alliance is awarding three $2,500 Professional Development Awards to staff from member libraries.  Recipients of these awards, funded through contributions from members, vendors, and friends of the Alliance, will be announced at a 20th Anniversary celebratory dinner in November 2013.  This event will include former deans and directors of member libraries, former staff of the Alliance, and selected vendor partners.  The Alliance is also creating 20th Anniversary posters, sponsoring a silent auction, and Lynn Chmelir, retired library director and former Alliance staff member, is preparing a history of the consortium for publication next year.  “I have had the good fortune to work for the Alliance and at several member libraries over the course of my career and it is exciting to see how far this group has come,” said Chmelir.  “It is a real pleasure to work on a history of this interesting and successful organization.”

“When I arrived in the northwest five years ago,” recalled Chris Shaffer, Board Chair and Director at Oregon Health & Science University, “I was amazed by the ambition of this united group of libraries.” “I am honored to serve as Chair as we implement a new shared library management system and celebrate two decades of collaborative success.”

“The Orbis Cascade Alliance has grown and become more complex,” stated John F. Helmer, Executive Director, “but the spirit of this group has, if anything, grown over the last 20 years.”  “No deep collaborative effort succeeds to this degree without the vision and hard work of many individuals.”  “We are so very fortunate to draw on fantastic staff at all levels, from entry level to deans and directors,” said Helmer.  “This organization is truly a labor of love and dedication for many people.”

About the Orbis Cascade Alliance

The Orbis Cascade Alliance is a consortium of 37 academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho serving faculty and the equivalent of more than 260,000 full time students.  Alliance member libraries work together to provide services to students and faculty, share information resources and expertise, develop library staff, and help members allocate financial and human resources to serve the unique needs of each member. The Alliance supports a number of services that support this vision, including a next-generation Shared Integrated Library System; collaborative technical services program; Summit, a system that allows students, faculty and staff to easily search and request library materials owned by member libraries; courier service providing daily delivery of library materials in Oregon, Washington and Idaho; Northwest Digital Archives, offering enhanced access to primary sources; cooperative collection development; an Alliance distributed print repository; consortium-wide participation in the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST); cooperative purchasing of databases and ejournals, and a demand driven shared ebook program.  In addition to its members, the Alliance extends selected services to more than 280 libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in seven western states.


For more Information

Chris ShafferCouncil Chair


John F. HelmerExecutive Director

541.246.2470 ext 205


OHSU History of Medicine Society Lecture, October 18th: “Venereal Girls”, The Cedars Detention Home, and the Portland Free Dispensary

Kimberly Jensen, Ph.D.
Friday, October 18, 2013
Public lecture: 12:15pm
Refreshments served at noon
Location: OHSU Old Library Auditorium

Kimberly Jensen received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in women’s and U.S. history and is professor of history and gender studies at Western Oregon University. She is the author of Mobilizing Minerva: American Women in the First World War (University of Illinois Press, 2008) and Oregon’s Doctor to the World: Esther Pohl Lovejoy and a Life in Activism (University of Washington Press, 2012). She served as guest editor for the special issue of the Oregon Historical Quarterly on women and citizenship in Fall 2012, serves on the editorial boards of the Oregon Historical Quarterly and the Oregon Encyclopedia Project, and is a board member of the Oregon Women’s History Consortium.

The lecture is free and open to the public. If you have a disability and need an accommodation to attend or participate in this event please contact Maija Anderson (503-418-2287) at least five business days prior to the event.

New Library Books with OHSU Authors, September 2013

Animal models for the study of human disease [electronic resource] / edited by P. Michael Conn.

Editor P. Michael Conn and contributors Kristine Coleman and Doris Kretzschmar affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

A clinical guide to nutrition care in kidney disease / edited by Laura Byham-Gray, Jean Stover, Karen Wiesen.

Contibutors Maureen McCarthy and Jessie Pavlinac affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery : clinical practice and surgical atlas / editors, Rebecca G. Rogers … [et al.].

Contributor W. Thomas Gregory affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Neurologic outcomes of surgery and anesthesia / edited by George A. Mashour, Michael S. Avidan.

Contributor Ansgar M. Brambrink affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Novick & Morrow’s public health administration : principles for population-based management.

Contributor Alan L. Melnick affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

A practical approach to neuroanesthesia / editors, Paul D. Mongan, Sulpicio G. Soriano III, Tod B. Sloan.

Contributors Grace Chen, Joseph Salama-Hanna and Cuong Vu affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Roberts and Hedges’ clinical procedures in emergency medicine / editor- in-chief, James R. Roberts.

Editor Emeritus Jerris R. Hedges affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Rosen’s emergency medicine : concepts and clinical practice / editor-in-chief, John A. Marx, MD.

Contributors Rachel R. Bengtzen, Laurel R. Berge, Mohamud R. Daya, Robert Hendrickson, Bory Kea, Nathanael J. McKeown and Robert J. Vissers affiliated with Oregon Health & Science University.

Get help managing your data

With support from a grant from Force11, the OHSU Library is hosting working sessions to address data management, reproducibility and scientific communication. The sessions are designed to help OHSU students, faculty, and staff understand best practices for managing, publishing, and archiving data.

Session 1: Data Management Open House

OHSU students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

Wednesday, October 9


MRB 310

Happy hour refreshments will be served.

This session will highlight aspects of the data research cycle and introduce challenges and best practices associated with effective data management.

Attendance is not limited but we recommend registering in advance:

Session 2: Hands-on Data Management Consultations

Registration is required* and space is limited. Participants will receive a $50 gift card.

Participants will be asked to bring a yet-to-be published data set and/or publication.  The session will include:

  • A data review to determine which aspects of the data require standardized descriptions for reporting and reproducibility.
  • Analysis of available data repositories and the creation of a deposit plan.
  • Information management strategy, including how to reference key aspects of the data or research context, version control, and linking methods and conclusions to the appropriate data.

*Registration will open after Session 1.

Please contact Jackie Wirz (, 503.494.3443) or Melissa Haendel (, 503.407.5970) for more information.

Your help needed with library journal cancellation decisions

Your help is urgently needed to assist the OHSU Library in deciding which journals OHSU should keep and which ones we should not renew.

Every year the OHSU Library evaluates its journal and database subscriptions to ensure the good stewardship of our budget.  We analyze a variety of data, including publication and citation counts, usage, cost, and community feedback.  The Library adds and cancels journal, database, and book purchases based on this information, with the goal of providing the OHSU community with the resources it needs for research, education, and clinical care.

This year, the Library is also managing chronic increases in journal subscription costs and a smaller budget.  As such, we must ensure that our dollars are being spent on providing the resources most important to the OHSU community.  As part of this process, the following list of journals is being considered for cancellation.  Each title included has demonstrated at least four of the following criteria:

  • Low usage
  • Minimal OHSU publication activity
  • Minimal OHSU citation activity
  • Severe price inflation
  • Not a core journal title.  A core journal title is defined as a title with high OHSU usage and publication activity. A journal is also considered core based on its support of OHSU’s education, research and health care missions.

OHSU community feedback on this list will be used to finalize the Library’s cancellation decisions.  We want to know if there are journals on this list that are important to your work.  Your input is critical, so please review the title list and send your comments to Emily McElroy by September 27, 2013.