2017 Journal Subscription Review

The OHSU Library has completed its annual review of journal subscriptions and has identified the journal titles listed below for cancellation. The Library carefully reviews the journal collection each summer and fall. In this process we analyze the number of times OHSU authors have published in or cited the journal, interlibrary loan requests, full text electronic journal use statistics, program changes, price and OHSU faculty, staff and student requests to make renewal and cancellation decisions. … Read More

Your help needed with library journal cancellation decisions

Your help is urgently needed to assist the OHSU Library in deciding which journals OHSU should keep and which ones we should not renew. Every year the OHSU Library evaluates its journal and database subscriptions to ensure the good stewardship of our budget.  We analyze a variety of data, including publication and citation counts, usage, cost, and community feedback.  The Library adds and cancels journal, database, and book purchases based on this information, with the … Read More

New Journal Subscriptions

***Starting in January 2013*** Despite a more challenging budget year for library collections, the OHSU Library is able to add 28 new journal subscriptions for 2013. After successful negotiations resulted in price savings from several other products, the library was able to restore some funds to the journal budget. We evaluated 63 journal requests from OHSU faculty, staff, and students and were able to fulfill 77% of the requests. For a full listing of new … Read More

Finalized list of journal subscriptions

Every year, the OHSU Library collects and analyzes data about library users, bibliometrics including publishing and citation patterns, collection usage, interlibrary loan requests, faculty purchase requests (we have 68 current journal subscription requests), cost per use, and more. We add and cancel journal subscriptions and modify database and book purchases based on the information we track. Since 2009, the OHSU Library has added 22 databases, 6,363 print and electronic books, and 157 new journal subscriptions. … Read More