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The Power of Wellness Networking

CROET and the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center joined other organizations committed toward worksite wellness earlier this week at the Worksite Wellness Summit, sponsored by the American Heart Association and held at the Nike Campus. Although we exhibit frequently at events around the state, generally the key conference themes are related to workplace safety.  At this event we continued to expand our list of individuals and organizations interested in learning more about our research outcomes, and … Read More

Oregon Healthy Workforce Center Seeks Pilot Project Applications

  The Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center seeks applications for two Pilot Projects that will expand our portfolio of research on programs that improve occupational health, safety, and personal wellness. A maximum of $50,000 for the first pilot and a maximum of $25,000 for the second pilot is available for a 1-year project beginning in August, 2013. The proposal must address a strategic goal in a NIOSH NORA sector area. For the $50,000 award, the Principal … Read More

Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Staying safe as we become fit

We always seek feedback from our stakeholders while exhibiting at events. Last week’s Northwest Agriculture Show was no exception. One of the more emotional requests to us as a way to make a difference in safety was a plea to encourage pedestrians and cyclists to become more visible to motorists in the dark. Here in Portland and in many of our neighboring cities, we pride ourselves on how many of us get exercise during our … Read More

Partners Luncheon – Reserve your spot today

Are you seeking to improve safety, health, and personal wellness in your workplace? Are you a member or employee of a company, union, or government organization in Oregon or a neighboring area? If you answered “yes,” to these questions, we would like to meet you. Please join us at the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center’s 1st Annual Partners Luncheon on September 14, 2012 to be held in Portland at the Red Lion – Jantzen Beach Hotel … Read More

Join us in Total Worker Health

I couldn’t help noticing last week at the Blue Mountain Occupational Health and Safety Conference, how many discussions related to wellness. And not just about traditional wellness programs, but the desire to integrate wellness into organizational values and health and safety programs. This is exciting stuff! Please consider joining this discussion with us at the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center’s first annual Partners Luncheon on Thursday, September 14 In Portland. We are eager to hear our … Read More

Moving Towards Total Worker Health™

If you’ve been following our news over the past few months, you’ve heard about the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center. There is no doubt that we have all been pretty excited about it as we recognize that only by looking at the whole worker – the whole person, really – can we make significant strides in health, safety and wellness. If you’ve been scratching your head about what this really means, make sure you visit the … Read More

Moving into Wellness

Healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep….do you feel like you are being bombarded by topics about health and wellness? Guess that’s because you are! The case has been made pretty clear that our workforce is aging and becoming less healthy. This impacts everything from productivity to healthcare and worker compensation costs.  What you should also know, if you have anything to do with a wellness program at your workplace or want to move ahead with one, … Read More

PTSD in Corrections officers

The lead story in Sunday’s (April 1, 2012) Oregonian is on PTSD rates in Oregon Corrections Workers, citing 1 in 3 corrections workers have symptoms of PTSD and that 97% have reported witnessing violence, injury or death. This is based on survey research conducted by Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, a nonprofit. To read the article, click or enter: Survey research on work conditions that may affect the health of corrections workers will be conducted … Read More

Pilot Funding Opportunity – Oregon Healthy Workforce Center

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center is pleased to announce funds for one 2-year pilot project beginning July 2012. We solicit applications on research intervention projects addressing programs that improve occupational health, safety and personal wellness. Proposals may focus on one of these three areas, but the proposed intervention must address all three. The Principal Investigator must have an appointment at an Oregon state institution (University, College or state agency) and be eligible to obtain research … Read More

Oregon Healthy Workforce Center – Full Steam Ahead!

We were pleased to share our news about funding of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (ORhwc), a NIOSH Total Worker Health Center of Excellence. Perhaps you’ve been wondering, now what? Our Principal Investigators have begun their regular “chalk talks” as they finalize study design and plan to begin data collection for each funded research project. Chalk talks give each researcher an opportunity to share the status of their project, and collaborate with Center staff and … Read More

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