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Lights, Camera, Action

In partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs, investigators in the Division of Health Promotion & Sports Medicine at OHSU were awarded an almost $300,000 Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) grant to create and distribute two 20-minute safety videotapes. One video will be for owners and workers in Adult Foster Homes (AFHs). AFHs are a rapidly expanding living situation for vulnerable adults. Training resources for AFH employees are limited, and collaborators at the Office … Read More

Safety and Your Neighbor’s Roof

We observe unsafe acts all the time. It might be the roofing operation next door. Perhaps it’s the landscape contractor routinely using a leaf blower without hearing protection. Maybe it is our own family member insisting on cleaning out gutters precariously balanced on a ladder. In a recent discussion among safety professionals, many shared the ethical dilemma of seeing serious safety violations unrelated to one’s own work operation. We all know that the decision to … Read More

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