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Calling all Industrial Hygienists, Safety Professionals and Occupational Health Nurses!

Have you added the 2013 Northwest Occupational Health Conference scheduled for October 9-11 in Seaside, Oregon to your itinerary for this fall? The NOHC is recognized as one of the top regional conferences sponsored by an American Industrial Hygiene Association section, ours being the Pacific Northwest Section. With such a small and unique profession, it is even more important for us to seize opportunities to meet face-to-face with others who share our work interests and … Read More

Looking for a Career: How about industrial hygiene?

Most industrial hygienists have spent time explaining to others just what it means to be an ‘IH.’ My daughter recently admitted to me that a friend of hers refers to me as a security guard because of a botched explanation. Even the Wikipedia definition is cumbersome defining industrial hygiene as “the art and science of the identification, evaluation and control of environmental stressors in or arising in the workplace that may result in injury, illness, … Read More

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