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Green Chemistry and Work: Moving ahead

What a terrific day we had at our Green Chemistry, Safer Alternatives and Work Symposium earlier this month! Thanks to you, our dedicated supporters and to so many new attendees, for taking the time to join us. While we certainly can’t effectively recap the day in this blog, we wanted to share some resources and encourage continued discussions and actions to create safer products and workplaces. Perhaps the biggest take home of the day for … Read More

Why Green Chemistry?

You may be wondering why CROET’s June symposium is on Green Chemistry, Safer Alternatives and Work? Perhaps you could say that a discussion that was part of our 2009 symposium Oregon’s Workplace Health and Safety: Looking forward to 2020 led us here. Perhaps you were there and remember the motivating words of Dr. John Howard of NIOSH? You may recall that he spoke about NIOSH’s Total Worker Health initiative – funny thing that we had … Read More

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