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PTSD in Corrections officers

The lead story in Sunday’s (April 1, 2012) Oregonian is on PTSD rates in Oregon Corrections Workers, citing 1 in 3 corrections workers have symptoms of PTSD and that 97% have reported witnessing violence, injury or death. This is based on survey research conducted by Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, a nonprofit. To read the article, click or enter: Survey research on work conditions that may affect the health of corrections workers will be conducted … Read More

Law Enforcement, Corrections and Health

The OHSU SHIELD (Safety and Health Improvement: Enhancing Law Enforcement Departments) and DOC (Department of Corrections) Study Team attended a seminar presented by stress psychologist Kevin Gilmartin, PhD, so to better understand the emotional impact of work associated with law enforcement and corrections. This study team, led by Principal Investigator Kerry Kuehl, is part of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (ORhwc). The Health Promotion in Corrections Officers study is a funded ORhwc project. Dr Gilmartin … Read More

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