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A Summer of Swimming Pools and Tumblr

CROET has been lucky this summer to hire a terrific group of summer interns. One of the projects supported by two of these college student interns is a young worker safety, health and wellness project funded by the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center and CROET. The Health Promotion and Health Protection in Young Workers, led by Diane Rohlman, Ph.D., owes a lot of its early success to a partnership with the City of Portland Park and … Read More

Young Workers and You: Employer Survey

As discussed before on this blog, young workers between the ages of 14 and 24 are hurt on the job at twice the rate as older employees. Over a 10-year period, an estimated 7.9 million young workers were treated at emergency rooms for nonfatal injuries. Why is this? Perhaps in large part because young workers have limited job experience, or because they engage in unsafe or risky behaviors more often than older workers. Many workplace … Read More

Conversations Over Coffee: Young workers, cash and safety

Some of you have heard about my conversations with my 17-year old daughter regarding her workplace responsibility of handling cash and closing the facility alone at night. And many of us at O[yes] (Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition) routinely discuss hazards encountered by young workers, including workplace violence. I’ve got to admit, though, I’ve been a little surprised how often this topic has come up in my conversations with friends and colleagues, most who have … Read More

CROET Summer Intern: Young Worker Training

I was an intern at CROET this past summer, working in the lab of Diane Rohlman.  My project was to create a lesson plan about worker safety specifically geared towards young workers using videos submitted by high school students in Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition’s (O[yes]) “Speak Up!” video contest. By researching effective training methods and reviewing existing curricula on worker safety, I created an hour long engaging and interactive lesson plan which included four … Read More

Pull Out That Video Camera!

Oregon High School students have another opportunity to create a safety video for cash. The 2012 “Save a Friend, Work Safe” video contest, sponsored by O[yes] is underway. “This contest allowed me to help spread a message that directly applies to my peers,” said Piers Dennis, the 2011 first-place winner from Lake Oswego, and who was quoted in last month’s Oregon OSHA press release.  “I had a lot of fun making the video and feel … Read More

Keeping Young Workers Safe: What are we missing?

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that workers under the age of 25 are twice as likely to get hurt on-the-job than older workers. Throughout the U.S. and abroad, organizations such as NIOSH, OSHA and the Center for Young Worker Safety & Health lead efforts to reduce this risk. Several years ago, groups in Oregon formed O[yes], the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition. O[yes] is represented by many, including CROET, University of Oregon’s Labor Education Research … Read More

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