Partnering for Safety with Young Workers

Here in Oregon, as in many other places, we communicate and collaborate with those sharing our quest to improve workplace safety, health and wellness. In the case of O[yes] – the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition – we partner with a number of organizations committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young workers. In June, David Grim, a MPH student in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health at Oregon State University, led … Read More

Are your Toolbox and Safety Meetings Effective?

As long as we have been tracking analytics for CROETweb, our most popular page has been Safety Toolbox Talks. In fact, the most popular search engine term that brings people to CROETweb is safety talks. As safety and health professionals, and safety leaders, we seek interesting, insightful and new ways to teach and motivate others. And most seasoned safety professionals have learned through experience – keep it simple, keep it relevant, and make it engaging. We … Read More

Sleep Loss Costs US Workers … and Industry’s Bottom Line

The Sleep and Shift Work: Impact on Health, Safety and Productivity Symposium (learn more on Twitter at hashtag #CROETSleep), reported that insomnia costs US industry an estimated $63 billion per year based on a loss of 8 days of productivity per year determined in a survey of nearly 8000 people (published in Sleep, 2011, by Kessler).  Turning to an example of impact on working people, shift workers (who have disturbed sleep) have a 5-fold increased … Read More

Oregon’s Stellar Occupational Safety & Health Conferences

Having just returned from the Blue Mountain Occupational Safety & Health Conference, I am reminded yet again of the terrific value of our regional conferences to Oregon employers and employees. Lest you believe that everything is always happening in Portland, think again! Whether we live in Northwest, Central, Eastern or Southern Oregon – every year we have opportunities to attend top level sessions addressing workplace health, safety and wellness. For those of us working in … Read More

CROET and OHSU Participate in Friday’s “Don’t Fry Day”

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in the United States? And, did you know that melanoma, which is responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths, is diagnosed in Oregon at a rate 36% higher than the national average? Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer, including melanoma, and early detection of melanoma can save lives. This is why CROET, the Knight … Read More

Total Worker Health Conference Points to a Potential Burden of Workplace Wellness Programs and a Way to Avoid It

NIOSH Director Dr. John Howard led a Roundtable at the Work, Stress and Health 2013 Conference in LA focused on Total Worker Health (TWH) that discussed the issue that wellness programs can place a significant requirement on employees to achieve wellness goals.  Wellness programs need to be designed to support employee success and avoid using them to penalize employees who are in poor health or who have predispositions toward unhealthy lifestyles.  Two pictures from the … Read More

SafeBuild Alliance: Zero Incidents Through Collaboration

Today while passing active commercial construction in the South Waterfront area of Portland, I thought about how lucky we are to have so many leaders working toward zero incidents in construction in our community. And even better to have an opportunity for construction to collaboratively promote their commitment towards safe performance. I am continually impressed by the programs developed by our Oregon partner, SafeBuild Alliance – the newly minted name of what we’ve known as … Read More

2013 Safety Break Meets Wellness

  Oregon Health and Science University is pleased to be one of dozens of Oregon organizations and companies participating in Safety Break for Oregon this year. While we believe in being safe every day, Safety Break allows us to join employers throughout our state to make a public statement about the importance of safety and health. Here at CROET, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, and OHSU, we wanted to go one step further and address … Read More

Helping Students Know Workplace Rights and Speak Up

Last summer, the Promoting U Through Safety and Health (PUSH) Program developed activities for young workers focused on developing and improving critical skills related to communication, safety on the job and wellness. The scripted activities were originally created to pilot test curriculum for the online PUSH health and safety training with Portland Parks and Recreation’s Aquatics Department employees under the age of 24, but PUSH project staff wondered if these activities would be useful beyond … Read More

Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Staying safe as we become fit

We always seek feedback from our stakeholders while exhibiting at events. Last week’s Northwest Agriculture Show was no exception. One of the more emotional requests to us as a way to make a difference in safety was a plea to encourage pedestrians and cyclists to become more visible to motorists in the dark. Here in Portland and in many of our neighboring cities, we pride ourselves on how many of us get exercise during our … Read More

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