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Partnering with Construction in Safety

It’s pretty impressive to see a crowd of well over 200 folks gather in Central Oregon in the heart of winter to talk about construction safety. The Central Oregon Safety and Health Association (COSHA) should be pleased at the success of this week’s Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit. And of course, it couldn’t have happened without  all of the generous and dedicated sponsors and presenters, and Oregon OSHA. I have to admit that I tend to … Read More

Just How Vulnerable are New Employees?

Yesterday during Oregon’s Construction Advisory Committee Meeting, we spent some time discussing a construction-related fatality that happened earlier this week in Seattle. While all workplace fatalities are unsettling and tragic – one point that was ever so striking was the report that the worker who died was on his first day at work. Those of us in the safety field have heard statistics demonstrating the higher risk of getting hurt within the first six months … Read More

Oregon FACE Hires Experienced Safety and Health Professional

  We’d like to introduce Illa Gilbert-Jones, the newest team member at Oregon FACE!  Illa is a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist with over 25 years of experience working in a variety of industries.  She has most recently spent 7 years as a senior safety consultant for SAIF Corporation (Oregon’s largest workers compensation insurance company). We’re very excited about the many talents Illa will bring to the OR-FACE program, but are especially pleased … Read More

OR-FACE Releases New Resources

One death on the job is always too many. As we share new resources created by the Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (OR-FACE) Program, we are ever mindful of the somberness of this topic. Since 2003, OR-FACE has tracked over 600 work-related deaths in the state of Oregon and has now published all confirmed Oregon occupational fatalities as interactive maps. These fatality maps can be filtered by year and are coded by events, … Read More

Are your Toolbox and Safety Meetings Effective?

As long as we have been tracking analytics for CROETweb, our most popular page has been Safety Toolbox Talks. In fact, the most popular search engine term that brings people to CROETweb is safety talks. As safety and health professionals, and safety leaders, we seek interesting, insightful and new ways to teach and motivate others. And most seasoned safety professionals have learned through experience – keep it simple, keep it relevant, and make it engaging. We … Read More

Resurfacing Bathtub Causes Death in Oregon

  NIOSH, OSHA, and California Department of Public Health – all have issued recent alerts on the hazards of using strippers containing methylene chloride when refinishing bathtubs. And yet, just a few weeks ago, another person – this time an Oregonian – died refinishing a bathtub while removing two layers of bathtub coating with the use of Aircraft Stripper. Most chemical strippers, including this one, contain methylene chloride. If you are a chemist, you know … Read More

Beyond Names and Numbers

Forty-four Oregonians lost their lives on the job and in war this past year. Many of us fill our days doing what we can to make workplaces safer. But the reality is, it hasn’t been enough. In our small state, forty-four people from all walks of life went to work and didn’t return home. As shared at today’s Workers Memorial Day Service in Salem, each name, each number, represents a real person, with a real … Read More

OR-FACE and CROET Participate in the Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit

The Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (OR-FACE) program exhibited, as a part of CROET Outreach, at the 11th Annual Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit on January 24.  The conference was hosted by Oregon OSHA and several hundred residential and commercial construction workers attended. Construction safety is a principal area of concern for OR-FACE because, over a 5-year period (2003-2007), falls in the construction industry accounted for 42% of all fatal occupational-related falls. While at the … Read More

Safety and Your Neighbor’s Roof

We observe unsafe acts all the time. It might be the roofing operation next door. Perhaps it’s the landscape contractor routinely using a leaf blower without hearing protection. Maybe it is our own family member insisting on cleaning out gutters precariously balanced on a ladder. In a recent discussion among safety professionals, many shared the ethical dilemma of seeing serious safety violations unrelated to one’s own work operation. We all know that the decision to … Read More

Safety in Transportation: Increased risks for older workers?

I spent my summer internship working under OR-FACE, the Oregon Fatality Assessment & Control Evaluation Program, sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). OR-FACE is a partnership between CROET and Oregon Public Health Division. For this internship I  explored the increased risks experienced by older transportation workers. With the help of Dr. Ryan Olson and Erika Zoller, I used national databases and Oregon occupational fatality cases to prepare the framework for my … Read More

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