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CROET Welcomes New Faculty Member

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Butler, Ph.D., will be joining CROET faculty in September. Dr. Butler joins us as an Assistant Professor from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Medical Chronobiology Program, Division of Sleep Medicine. He and his family will be re-locating to Portland in just a few weeks. Dr. Butler has a broad interest in how endogenous clocks are synchronized, and … Read More

Oregon Student’s Poster Selected in SHADE Contest

  Congratulations to Catherine L. of Bonny Slope Elementary School in Beaverton upon the selection of her poster as the top entry from Oregon in this year’s SHADE contest! Catherine’s entry resulted from CROET outreach into the schools. The SHADE contest is a collaborative program between the SHADE Foundation of America and the Environmental Protection Agency’s SunWise Program. SHADE and SunWise sponsor this contest, along with other educational programs, in efforts to educate children, their … Read More

Recognizing Science Education and Student Researchers

Many of us at OHSU have had the opportunity to both mentor young scientists and evaluate their projects at Oregon’s regional and statewide science fairs. We are often amazed at the intellectual sophistication and dedication of these middle and high school-aged students. It is even a greater pleasure for those of us at CROET when the student’s research is completed within CROET laboratories. Kyra Patton, of Beaverton’s Sunset High School, recently presented results of a … Read More

What is CROET Really About?

We know that many of you see us primarily at educational events. Perhaps it’s at a health and safety conference, a meeting, or at one of our symposia. We often don’t have an opportunity to effectively share all of the pretty cool research that is happening in our labs and in the field. Researchers at CROET are eager to learn more about what is important to you and your workplace, as well as to share … Read More

CROET Researchers Attend Knight Cancer Institute Retreat

One prominent area of research in CROET explores how cancers arise and how we can effectively treat them.  Since environmental and occupational factors can influence the timing of the onset and progression of cancers, our team has joined other investigators at OHSU as members of the Knight Cancer Institute. Together, we collaborate to study cancer, in which the scope of these investigations range from basic mechanistic research to cutting edge clinical therapies. The Knight Scientific … Read More

CROET Scientists Develop New High-Throughput Assay to Search for Novel Anti-Cancer Drugs

Human health and risk for disease ultimately depend on the integrity of our DNA, the genetic material that provides the body’s blueprint for manufacturing proteins that carry out the function of cells and organs. Changes in DNA during life are believed to trigger cancer and many other chronic diseases. Such changes can result from exposure to certain chemicals found in the workplace and others in the diet and medications, and to sunlight in outdoor workers. … Read More

CROET Interns Dazzle

    Summer Student Research Awards are three-month paid summer internships designed to introduce college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to various fields of biomedical research. Selected interns are Oregon residents or attend colleges and universities in Oregon. Learn more about the CROET Summer Intern Program. See more photos from the poster session on CROET’s facebook page.

CROET 2012 Summer Intern Class

The CROET Summer Intern class has begun work in the faculty labs. They are shown attending presentations by Dan Austin and Dr. Kent Anger about the mid-August poster session in which all interns present and defend professional scientific posters that describe the research they conducted during the summer. The presentations provide information about the component parts of science posters, preparation techniques and printing. The 2012 CROET summer interns and the faculty labs where they are … Read More

CROET Staff Earn Awards

  Congratulations to Dr. Kinrin Yamanaka and Stacey Lin on recent accomplishments and commendations! Dr. Yamanaka was awarded the 2012 Resko Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award to be presented at the OHSU School of Medicine Hooding Ceremony on Monday, June 4. Dr. Yamanaka’s dissertation is titled ” Molecular targeting of translesion synthesis DNA polymerases for novel combination chemotherapy.” She works in the laboratories of Dr. Lloyd and Dr. McCullough. Stacey Lin from the Cancer Biology Program … Read More

Altered Sleep Schedules and Disease Risk

Dr. Orfeu Buxton of Harvard University spoke at CROET (OHSU) on “Causes and Consequences of Sleep Deficiency: Clinical and Workforce Impacts“ on Tuesday, April 17 (pictured below). Dr. Buxton’s research, published last week in Science Translational Medicine, showed that adults with extended sleep disruption – such as occurs in shift work – could be at an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. The picture below shows Dr. Buxton (right) speaking with Dr. Kerry Kuehl of the Oregon … Read More

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