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Director Dr. Steven Shea inspects a shipment.

Occupational Health Sciences prioritized the installation of sit-stand work stations for our employees this past year. And as organizations have learned, we had to plan ahead to budget for this process.

Arranging standing options for desk-bound work was an important priority for our overall health and safety – we have closely followed and in some cases added to the research demonstrating the importance of standing and moving during the work day.

Here’s some of what we learned:

  • If funds are limited, prioritize allocation of work stations by total amount of time seated during the day, and personal interest, or develop a rotation plan.
  • Install one or more sit-stand devices in communal areas to give staff an opportunity to test out if this is a good option for them, and to assist with selection of different options.
  • Emphasize best practices for use – most people are best served by a combination of sitting and standing throughout the day: It is generally best to alternate standing and sitting. ┬áSo, the stations should be easy to raise or lower.
  • Encourage movement throughout the day. Download our tip sheet: Solutions to Get People Moving.

What’s happening in your workplace?

Sedentary, Stationary and Physically Demanding Work – (symposium recorded on 6/14, available to view at no cost)
Total Worker Health and Wellness Topic
– OccHealthSci online library


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