Looking Ahead to GOSH 2013

Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood opens GOSH 2011.

Planning efforts are underway for the 2013 Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference to be held March 4-7, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Join us as for we plan for this grand event. Being part of the planning process is a great way to share your expertise and interest in workplace health, safety and wellness, and to network with other practitioners.

Consider joining us at our December 14, 2011 program planning meeting. Or maybe your organization would like to be part of the exhibit hall joining other safety, health and wellness exhibitors? Help us plan for a terrific GOSH 2013.

Contact us for more info:
Exhibits: Bill White
Technical Program: Dede Montgomery & Melissa Diede
Conference Planning: Sharell Lien

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  1. I see the 12/14 date for the planning meeting, but time and location? I recall seeing this on ASSE CWC web or hearing about at a recent meeting, but I can’t find. Thanks much.

  2. Thanks, Scott. Announcements will be sent to those who have RSVP’d today or tomorrow. The first of the 2013 GOSH program planning meetings will take place at the AGC (Associated General Contractors) Office in Wilsonville on December 14 from noon to 3 pm.

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Dede supports the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center's research, engagement and education programs. She is a certified industrial hygienist.

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