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October 10th and 11th were big days for everyone interested in Public Health. The Oregon Public Health Association (OPHA) held its annual 2011 Conference in Corvallis, Oregon and CROET wanted to be part of it!

The Annual OPHA Meeting and Conference is the largest, most influential collaboration of public health professionals in Oregon.

OPHA is an affiliate of the American Public Health Association, the largest public health association in the nation. It works to ensure that every Oregonian has the opportunity to live a healthy life by promoting laws, policies, and programs that protect the health of our families, communities, and workplaces.

After some encouraging opening words on Monday morning from Charlie Fautin (President of OPHA), Ian G. Stromquist (President of the Oregon Environmental Health Association), Tammy Bray (Dean of the College of Public Health at OSU) and Julie Manning (Mayor of Corvallis), the two-day conference started.

One of my personal highlights was a presentation on the topic “Opciones Y Education: Latino Sexual Health Equity” that used instead of the common power point presentation more abstract techniques to catch the audience’s attention. They presented a radio role-play and asked the audience to throw topic comment cards through the room.

CROET’s members also contributed to the conference with  presentations, panel discussions and poster presentations including:

Intimate Partner Violence and Support Mechanisms: A Workplace Training Evaluation; Presentation by Kendra Evans, Ohwc Manager at CROET

Characterizations of a Latino Agricultural Workforce: Influence of Acculturation on Pesticide Exposure; a presentation by Andrew Kirk, Research Assistant, CROET


40 Weeks: A Story about Hair, Beauty and Formaldehyde; a poster by Dede Montgomery, Safety & Health Specialist, CROET. Dede also joined Mandy Green  to present Oregon’s Efforts to Prevent Young Worker Injuries & Fatalities.


Oregon Commercial Crab Fisherman Safety Survey and Personal Flotation Device; a poster by Erika Zoller, Project Manager at CROET.



The Family and Medical Leave Act: Training improves supervisors’ knowledge and awareness; a poster by Naima Laharnar, Research Assistant, CROET.

CROET says thank you for the opportunity to present its work and to network!

Submitted by Naima Laharnar, Research Assistant, CROET.

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Dede supports the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences and the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center's research, engagement and education programs. She is a certified industrial hygienist.

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