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Nerve damage from chemotherapy may persist for years, worsening risk of falls

(Getty Images) In a study that kept in touch with more than 500 women cancer survivors for an average of six years, nearly half continued to experience chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and a heightened risk of falling. The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, challenge the widely heldĀ assumption that chemotherapy-induced neuropathy will mostly cause no serious long-term effects. “Many cancer survivors are told these chemo-related symptoms will eventually go away. Our study found that’s … Read More

Lessons from Oregon about end-of-life care

At the end of life, people in Oregon are more likely to have their care wishes honored, less likely to be hospitalized and more likely to use home hospice services compared with people in Washington and the rest of the U.S.

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

To discover ways to prevent or delay drug resistance in cancer, a new NCI-funded center at OHSU is exploring how acute myeloid leukemia cells evolve and adapt.