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Breaking through the limits of cancer medicine

Gordon Mills, M.D., Ph.D., the new director of precision oncology at Oregon Health & Science University, outlines his vision for the field   Gordon Mills, M.D., Ph.D. (OHSU/Kristyna Wentz-Graff)   The cancer diagnosis, a rare sarcoma, was devastating for an old friend of Gordon Mills. “We spent lots of time trying to understand his disease, trying to characterize it, and he went to my colleagues to ask about what was the next therapy for him,” Mills … Read More

Riveting survival stories from the early clinical trials of Gleevec

Medicine had never seen anything like it before, Brian Druker, M.D., recalled. “These are people who’d been told to get their affairs in order. And now their blood counts are normal,” the director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute told Stat News reporter Bob Tedeschi. “But here’s the problem: When can you celebrate? I felt a little bit like walking on eggshells, because it’s like, OK, is this going to be a flash in the … Read More

Fighting a formidable leukemia with an expansive clinical trial

The best available treatment for acute myeloid leukemia is a drug combination established more than 30 years ago. And today less than a third of newly diagnosed AML patients survive beyond five years. An ambitious clinical trial announced this week aims to speed up the search for new treatments by matching patients with one of several different drugs selected to block a specific tumor mutation or signaling pathway.

Engineering precision in cancer early detection

Sadik Esener, Ph.D., the engineer tapped to lead a major new cancer early detection program at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.   Medical science has come up with only a few ways to detect incipient cancers in healthy people. None of them can distinguish the aggressive, life-threatening cases from those that are unlikely to become lethal. Researchers have spent decades, for instance, trying to develop a screening test for ovarian cancer. Most women with this … Read More

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

To discover ways to prevent or delay drug resistance in cancer, a new NCI-funded center at OHSU is exploring how acute myeloid leukemia cells evolve and adapt.