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When cancer drug marketing sneaks into a soap opera plot

“General Hospital” character Anna Devane ponders her diagnosis. Polycythemia vera is an uncommon blood cancer that can be controlled with long-established treatments. So it seemed more than a little suspicious to Vinay Prasad, M.D., M.P.H., when the disease took center stage in an episode of “General Hospital” – the longest running daytime drama on American television. “I felt there had to be some backstory,” Prasad, an OHSU Knight Cancer Institute hematologist-oncologist told listeners of  the public radio … Read More

Sizing up the FDA’s revolving door with industry

When reviewers with the Food and Drug Administration weigh the evidence for a drug company’s experimental treatment, how many are thinking: I may someday work for that company? It’s a difficult question to answer but research by two OHSU physicians provides some of the first hard data.

Shortcut clinical trials may be misleading oncologists

Among 55 cancer drugs recently approved on the basis of a surrogate endpoint, less than one-fifth have been shown to improve survival in follow-up clinical trials.   Fully two-thirds of new cancer drugs in recent years gained regulatory approval based on a so-called surrogate end point, such as tumor shrinkage, rather than a clinical end point directly measuring how patients feel, how well they function or how long they survive. This shortcut strategy makes sense … Read More

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

Solving the problem of drug-resistant cancer

To discover ways to prevent or delay drug resistance in cancer, a new NCI-funded center at OHSU is exploring how acute myeloid leukemia cells evolve and adapt.