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Surprising variability in melanoma diagnostic findings

Although pathologists are likely to agree when evaluating skin biopsies that are benign or highly malignant, they often disagree when lesions fall into intermediate categories, new research finds. Pathologists’ diagnostic interpretations of melanoma in situ and early stage invasive melanoma – categories that are not well characterized – were neither reproducible nor accurate. And this may be creating the potential for both overdiagnosis and underdiagnosis of melanoma, according to the new study with two OHSU … Read More

Tracking metastasis with cell-free DNA

Sequencing the fragments of tumor DNA that circulate in blood may give a more accurate picture of a patient’s metastatic cancer than can be obtained from biopsies. Researchers at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute recently showed that sequencing cell-free DNA can find the same clinically relevant mutations identified in DNA from tumor tissue, and it can provide additional information about the evolution of a particular patient’s disease and how best to treat it. That’s significant … Read More

Increasing HPV vaccine coverage in rural Oregon

Increasing HPV vaccine coverage in rural Oregon

OHSU is one of 12 National Cancer Institute-designated centers to receive awards to increase HPV vaccine coverage, a safe and effective means to prevent cervical and other cancers caused by human papillomavirus.