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Prescription-itis: When are too many drugs too many?

I’m a neurologist and I specialize in working with people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Since I am not a surgeon, I am well trained in the use of medications to treat people. Because MS can cause many different symptoms, we often use medications to try to alleviate these symptoms. As a consequence, it’s not unusual for me to see people with MS who are taking a half dozen or more medications to treat various symptoms.  … Read More

Welcome to On the Brain

Welcome!  I am really excited about inaugurating the OHSU Brain Institute’s blog, “On the brain.” OHSU is home to more than 1,000 scientists, clinicians, students, and research associates who are dedicated to studying the brain and treating people with brain diseases.  We consistently rank in the top five of research institutions receiving National Institutes of Health funding for brain research.  We have many nationally recognized neurologists, neurosurgeons, and psychiatrists who provide cutting edge care for … Read More

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