Why do women suffer more strokes?

Before I became a physician, I used to think that heart attacks and strokes were problems for men, and that the only thing women had to worry about was breast cancer. Then, during my training, I learned that a significant number of women would come to the hospital with strokes, and overall they tend not to recover as well. Looking at the literature, of the 700,000 strokes that occur per year in the United States, … Read More

Cholesterol: good, bad… keep track of it all

What is cholesterol and why do we care? Understanding cholesterol can be tricky. It took me a few years to convince my parents that only foods that contain animal products contain cholesterol. However, fatty foods that are cholesterol free can still raise your body’s cholesterol. So is all cholesterol bad? No, too much cholesterol is bad. And everyone regulates cholesterol differently. Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance that our bodies need to survive.  Animals, including … Read More

What is a stroke?

What is a stroke, and what are its warning signs? This isn’t common knowledge to many people. It should be. A stroke is basically injury to the brain or spinal cord (yes, spinal cords can stroke) caused by lack of blood to that tissue. Strokes can be due to blockage of blood vessels feeding the brain, or from the rupture of blood vessels causing bleeding in the brain. They often occur suddenly without much warning. … Read More

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