Moving forward: A message from OHSU President, Joe Robertson

This week’s presidential election has caused a sense of vulnerability and concern about the future. The heated and, too often, hateful rhetoric that punctuated the campaign season has made the results of this election feel very personal for many.

In several cities, including Portland, this has led to protests that in some cases have become violent, a response that is never constructive and counter to our core values as healers. At times like these we must remember and reaffirm our core values as an institution — particularly our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We must remain steadfast in our drive to be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas.

We are a community of people dedicated to healing — and sometimes that includes healing each other. We need to learn from this experience and help each other and our community to engage in healing and healthy dialogue. Part of the healing process must involve taking positive action.

The results of this week’s election have also left many of us thinking about the future of health care in our nation and the impact on our mission of improving the health of all Oregonians. I can assure you that we will continue to work with state and federal leaders to advocate for the quadruple aim and for access to health care for all.

There may be changes to public policy that impact the work we do. As these proposals are detailed in the coming weeks, we will have additional discussions about what this means for our institution. In the meantime, let’s continue the important work that we are doing today.

In this time of change and disruption, I encourage each of you to take time for yourself, your family and find strength in how we serve and care for one another.

This message originally appeared in a Directline email to staff from OHSU President, Dr. Joe Robertson

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  1. Thank you. This made me tear up. I am/we are so fortunate to have the privilege to work here at O.H.S.U. Blessings on all our coworkers and patients, their families, and our community. Peace.

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