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Research Means Hope: NIH highlights OHSU health discoveries

As federal budgets tighten, scientists are finding creative new ways to advocate for research funding. Earlier this year, National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins asked researchers to tweet about how sequestration was impacting their laboratories using the hashtag #NIHSequesterImpact. In July, the Association of American Medical Colleges launched its Research Means Hope campaign, which leverages the social media site Tumblr to raise public awareness about important health discoveries funded by taxpayer dollars. OHSU research is … Read More

Welcome diverse professionals to Oregon

Anyone who has ever moved to a new city for school or work understands the challenges faced by any newcomer to connect with and build community.  For diverse professionals, plugging in to multicultural resources in their new home is of paramount importance. On August 21, OHSU is co-hosting the quarterly “Say Hey!” event, which honors diverse professionals who have recently relocated to Oregon and southwest Washington.  Spearheaded by Partners in Diversity, the “welcome wagon” event … Read More

Visualize this: Telemedicine shows physicians the whole picture

As a neonatal-perinatal fellow, I quickly learned that my expertise and ability to help infants extended well beyond the physical walls of OHSU Doerbecher Children’s Hospital. Hospitals from throughout Oregon and Southern Washington would call to ask a question about a patient, or when they had infants too sick to be cared for locally. Initially, these calls came over the phone. I realized how difficult medicine was when I wasn’t able to see the patient. … Read More

The language of health reform

By Joe Robertson, OHSU President It’s a privilege to be a member of the Oregon Health Policy Board, the policy-making and oversight body for the Oregon Health Authority. The health policy board is a key voice in Oregon’s Health Care Transformation experience, and has given me the opportunity to share the perspective of an academic health center – particularly the vital role of a sufficient and well-distributed workforce to meet the growing demand. Members of … Read More

OHSU nursing school receives federal grant to improve student diversity

Getting more diverse students into nursing school and supporting them during their educational program is the goal of a $1.05 million grant to the School of Nursing at the Oregon Health & Science University. Awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the funding began July 1, 2013 and runs for three years. Peggy Wros, Ph.D., R.N., principal investigator and the nursing school’s associate … Read More

Eating well on the road: Part II

As much as I’d love to have only freshly prepared meals on road trips, being on the road – and on a budget – tends to make fast food inevitable. Use these tips to make the most of a potentially unhealthy situation. 1. Make it a true “happy” meal. Wherever you end up, always remember the “healthy plate”: ¼ of your plate should be lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, beans – avoid anything crispy, crunchy, … Read More

Building a pipeline through hands-on experiences

Ariadna Covarrubias Ornelas, a rising junior at Portland State University, is helping OHSU researchers understand the roles of peptide systems in alcohol dependence. As part of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s (CDI) Equity Research Program, she is one of the 15 students selected from a competitive national pool of over 200 applicants. Since June, Ariadna has spent her days working as a research assistant in Dr. Andrey Ryabinin’s lab in the Department of Behavioral … Read More

Eating well on the road

Planning on getting out of town this summer? Road trips are a great way to unwind, spend time with family, and see the gorgeous sights of the Pacific Northwest. Unless you’re careful, though, they’re also a great way to pack on a few extra pounds and derail your usual healthy diet choices. But it doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Before you hit the road, use the following tips to help make your next … Read More

A story of survival: Cardiac arrest at 29,000 feet

Imagine that your heart stops on a passenger jet flying at an altitude of 29,000 feet. One row back sit a cardiologist, a Director of Cardiovascular Services and a Registered Nurse – all from OHSU. Sound incredible? On April 3, 2013 that’s exactly what happened to Prem Raghu, a 67-year-old Portlander who also happens to be a former OHSU heart transplant patient. “It was divine intervention,” says Judi Workman, OHSU’s Director of Cardiovascular Services. She … Read More

Happy BURTH-day to the OHSU fountain

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the fountain in front of OHSU’s Mackenzie Hall. Since its installation, the fountain has been home to ducks and other aquatic wildlife; suffered “furlough” days in times of tight budgets, and been specially activated to celebrate the life of at least one School of Medicine faculty member. It has been filled with dye and dishwashing liquid, frozen over and paddled in. It has drenched the unwary passer-by on … Read More

Why 96,000 Square Miles?

OHSU Health Fair at Pioneer Square.

President Robertson is fond of saying that OHSU has a 96,000 square mile campus, serving Oregonians “from Enterprise to Coos Bay, from Portland to Klamath Falls.”

This blog aims to highlight that breadth. 96,000 Square Miles (96K for short) will focus on the people of OHSU, the Oregonians we serve and the ripple effect of our work in Oregon and beyond.

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