Heart Transplant

Getting a new heart is amazing. And then there's meeting your donor’s mother.

Joe Gray

Internationally renowned cancer and genomic researcher

Amazing Things

Simple or complex, big or small, what is the most amazing thing in the world?

Right Choices Now

Did you know that staying healthy is an act of love?

Dave Austin

OHSU primary care patient for 27 years


Medical technologies we could only dream of before are now becoming reality.

What is Health?

It’s more than just eating your fruits and vegetables.

Katharine Zuckerman

OHSU Doernbecher doctor, Alyssa's mom

Temple Tait-Ochs

OHSU heart patient & fitness instructor

Death To Disease

If you could eradicate any disease with the wave of your hand, what would it be?

Garrett Kemp

OHSU bone & joint patient

Mari Nomura

OHSU medical student

Autumn Boynton

OHSU Doernbecher cancer survivor