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Interview Day Program

Interview days are planned to provide you maximum interaction with faculty and residents while being considerate of your travel schedules and the schedules of those you will be meeting with. We encourage you to arrive the day before your interview to allow time to check out the area, and to take a preliminary trip to the campus to get your bearings.

OHSU has several construction projects underway - which slow traffic and make getting around a challenge. Please plan accordingly so you arrive for check in on time. We are working on coordinating shuttles from 2 of the downtown hotels and if you are invited for an interview the information on the shuttles will be included with your orientation CD. Even with no construction, parking on "the hill" can be a challenge to showing up on time and being at your best. If the shuttles do not work out - or you do not wish to use them - we encourage you to use public transportation - Tri Met Bus, a taxi cab, or have someone drop you off for your interviews.

Eight applicants are scheduled to interview on each interview day. Each applicant will interview with 3-4 faculty and 1 resident- with about twenty minutes allowed per interview.

Note: Our residents may invite you to join them for dinner the night before or following the interview day. While this may be helpful in your assessment of our residents and program, it is not part of our selection process and does not have any affect whatsoever on our applicant rankings. If you are able to attend, you'll be able to learn about our residents and program in a relaxed and informal setting. If logistics make it difficult for you to attend the dinner, you will not be at any disadvantage in the application process.


0730-0830 Welcome and Introduction - Dr. Adams, Director; Valerie Forster, Residency Coordinator; and Kennth Burry Interim Chair
0830-0930 Resident Interviews
0930-1130 Faculty Interviews
1130-1330 Tour and Lunch - Applicants and Residents

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