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Abortion Policy

We have developed a mechanism for helping residents who are struggling with the dilemma of whether they hold a moral objection or whether they are just disturbed by or uncomfortable with the procedure itself.

It is the department's expectation that all residents will receive instruction in contraception and abortive counseling and techniques.

It is the department's expectation that residents will perform abortions with appropriate faculty supervision.

It is not the department's policy that residents will be required to perform abortions.

Exceptions will be based on: OHSU's medical staff policy regarding conscientious objection(2).

Presentations by the residents seeking exceptions, with her/his justification for that exception, to a three person faculty panel, chaired by the program director.
The purpose of this panel will be to be supportive and constructive and not directive and coercive. The panel will establish its own criteria for exceptions along the lines of, but not necessarily identical to, criteria established elsewhere(3).

Where exceptions are approved by the panel, the residents will be required to be involved in pre-abortal counseling and post-abortal care of patients undergoing termination of pregnancy.

1. Family Practice Perspectives 1987, 19:158-162
2. OHSU Hospital and Clinics Policies and Procedures/Conscious Practice Oct. 1997
3. Journal of Medical Ethics, 1996, vol. 22, 115-120


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