Fay Horak, Ph.D.






Parkinson Center of Oregon

Primary Affiliation

SOM-Neurology Department

Program Affiliation

Behavioral Neuroscience
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Biomedical Engineering

Summary of Current Research

This laboratory studies sensorimotor control of balance and movement in human subjects. The role of central motor structures such as the basal ganglia and cerebellum and of peripheral sensory information such as the vestibular and somatosensory systems are studied by quantifying balance and gait in neurologic patients. Invariant relationships among muscle activations, joint forces, and limb motions reveal underlying neural control strategies for motor coordination.  We also develop novel clinical tools for quantifying balance and gait in clinical environments.  Our goal is to develop scientific approaches to rehabilitation of balance disorders in neurologic patients and the elderly.


  • Ph.D., University of Washington, 1982
  • MS, University of Minnesota, 1977
  • BS, PT University of Wisconsin, 1973



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Preceptor Rotations

Academic Term Available
Spring 2015 Yes
Winter 2015 Yes
Summer 2016 Yes
Fall 2016 Yes
Winter 2016 Yes
Spring 2016 Yes

Faculty Mentorship

Dr. Horak is available as a mentor for 2016-2017.